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Before meeting with Tramelle, I wasn't sure where my career was headed. But, as we talked about my career goals and aspirations, she helped me figure out that my dream job is actually within reaching distance and what I need to do in order to achieve my goals. I was very impressed by Tramelle and I highly recommend her as a career coach.
-Kathryn R.

During my Resume Review Session, Tramelle provided a lot of insight about the story I should be telling potential employers through my resume. The session was very informative and I really appreciated her honesty and useful tips. I wish I booked this sooner!

I appreciate how she took her time to go over all the details of options I could chose from to help revamp my resume as well as ongoing resources I could take advantage of for personal growth and coaching.

I definitely recommend, TDJ Consulting to anyone who is looking for great customer service and a professional who loves what she does.  Tramelle is willing to walk with you every step of the way along your career journey.
-Sheneke H

I have been smiling since I started working with Tramelle. She is amazing. Her ideas and recommendations are really practical, very useful and unique to your personal circumstances. Her coaching is amazing, through it I gained more confidence and I now have tools that I can implement to help me to be successful. I would absolutely recommend that you work with her. 

I highly recommend TDJ consulting for your career and resume needs. Tramelle is a phenomenal asset for anyone looking to find their purpose and provides the tools for you to find the career that allows you to fulfill your goals without compromising your purpose.

I highly recommend TDJ consulting for your career and resume needs. Tramelle is a phenomenal asset for anyone looking to find their purpose and provides the tools for you to find the career that allows you to fulfill your goals without compromising your purpose. 

I really appreciated how she allowed me to express my thoughts and feeling towards my career without interruption. She really listens to your needs all the while , sharing practical and achievable goals for you to jumpstart your career face lift.

I recently had a resume review session with Tramelle.  As a transitioning service member, I was nervous about my transition from the military and how I would fit in.  After 20+ years in the military, I want to make sure that I am able to translate my skills and connect verbally within the civilian sector.  Throughout the session, Tramelle made me feel at ease and I gained a newfound confidence for navigating my future second career. 

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to schedule a cost free 1:1 Career Strategy Session with TDJ. This coaching consultation provided me with the necessary tools to get started on my Long-Term Career Plan. During our call, I felt safe to share my career challenges with Tramelle D Jones and she reflected back my concerns and goals by reminding me of my strengths and the value that my personal experiences have. She immediately sent me resources and tools that will help me create a strong foundation. I highly recommend TDJ to anyone that is feeling insecure about their next career moves. She has your back!

I’m so glad I took advantage of Tramelle’s Career Strategy Session. I’ve been feeling stuck in my career and unsure of how to proceed professionally.  But after speaking with Tramelle I’m feeling more optimistic and hopeful about my future. Tramelle offered valuable insight and created a vision I’m excited to explore!

My experience with Tramelle was amazing, it was like talking to a very good friend.  She did not judge me for my current resume but empowered me to see myself in a different light.  She had me consider things that I probably would never have thought about for example projects I've done but were not necessarily assigned by my boss.  She took her time with me and asked clarifying questions to ensure we were on the same page.  I never felt like she was trying to sell me anything even we discussed the packages she offered.  Seeing her examples of resumes truly made me come out of my comfort zone and spend the money to invest in my future.  I’m glad I did the consultation with her and I look forward to working with her on my new resume. Thank you again.

My experience with the TDJ Consulting was  awesome. I was ecstatic with my Resume Review Session with Tramelle Jones. 

My resume review with Tramelle was AMAZING from beginning to end! She asked questions about my career goals that forced me to dig deep and evaluate my reasons for wanting to make a career shift. She also helped me understand the importance of highlighting both my personal and professional accomplishments to help market myself to future employers. 

TDJ Consulting is a powerful professional tool to have in your arsenal! The hour consultation call was a POWER packed 60min!! My mind was blown on how Tramelle has so many valuable tools and strategies. Not to mention the pleasant positive vibes. Tramelle’s energy is very magnetic and what I love best is she pulls what you already have inside you to make you see it and believe it. Looking forward to our next session, and the next, and the next...

Thank you for your time, the 1:1 really opened my eyes on how much I undersell myself! Your tips and suggestions were very helpful and provided me opportunity to see a clear view of my future goals. The 1:1 was also a great confidence booster considering how stuck I was feeling in my current career. I am looking forward to working with you 

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. The session helped me understand that my idea is one worth pursuing. You asked me some great probing questions that helped me gain a different perspective on some of the frustrating parts of my journey. Thank you so much! 

Thank you so much for your assistance can't wait to share my " I got the job" follow up feed back with her. Thanks again.

Thank you. It was a great consultation with a lot great pointers.

Thanks TDJ Consulting for reaching out to me , the information I received was very helpful and the professionalism was great as well.

That would not only result in an outstanding resume, but would also be a confidence builder for the future interview process.

The expertise she offers makes me confident that using her services will greatly assist with taking my career to where I desire to be.
-K. Scott

The session was excellent. I believe these types of situations are unique and have to be catered to the client that is being engaged, and Tramelle did just that.  As a seasoned professional, I may not need as much coaching or guidance as others, and she was able to recognize that.  Sometimes all we need is an outside view or push from a fresh set of eyes and Tramelle has the mindset to deliver.  I highly recommend engaging in one of the sessions to help any level professional get themselves prepared for the next move.

Tramelle is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend using her services if you are trying to navigate a new career path. 
Between her knowledge and down-to-earth personality, I now feel confident in taking the next steps of my career action plan.  
What I liked about our session the most was her making me feel comfortable expressing my passions. In the past, people have tried to steer me away from that and more towards stability or what I am "supposed to be doing." Tramelle did not let me lose sight of that, BUT provided the tools to simultaneously pursue my dreams. Thank you so much again! 

Tramelle is amazing! From the first moment I spoke with her I felt energized and empowered to tackle some the habits that were holding me back in my career search.

Tramelle is amazing! From the first moment I spoke with her I felt energized and empowered to tackle some the habits that were holding me back in my career search.

Tramelle is enthusiastic, encouraging, and wise. It was just what I needed to kick me in the butt and help me get on my feet again as I enter the next chapter of my life. I look forward to working with her soon! Thank you.

Tramelle was such a pleasure to speak with and she's a wealth of knowledge! Setting up the first call was so seamless and I appreciate the information and resources she provided (free of charge!) ahead of time so we could maximize the time together. I'm looking forward to creating the career I deserve and navigating this professional transition with her guidance and expertise!

Tramelle's assistance was very much needed to help kick start me in the right direction in my next career endeavor.


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