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Work From Home Tips (And What to Ask Yourself to Be More productive)

I started working at home a few years ago and it was a struggle to get to a place where I was productive. I made every rookie mistake!!! I don’t want you making those same mistakes so... Here are a few tips for all you newbie remote workers!!! And a few questions you should be asking yourself to get to your best productivity level!


Without a routine, your wake up time could easily get later and later and later... I’ve found that sleep is the number one factor in my creativity and productivity so I’ve learned to protect it! Are you more or less productive with a routine? How does the amount of sleep you get affect you?


When things are a mess it’s also reflective of my headspace! I’ve made space for everything I need (and want) in my workplace. There are a few things I’ve customized my space with... My essential oils, a cozy place to take a break without leaving the room, two screens so I can view more at once, colorful artwork to rest my eyes on instead of my screen. Customization is everything! Make it your own! What do you need to stay organized and feel comfortable?


Honestly, I have to remind myself to take breaks. I find that when I set a goal to break every 45min to an hour, I actually get more done! I found that leaving my office to take a break only works in my favor when no one is home to distract me. Otherwise, it’s hard to get back to my office to complete the rest of my tasks! Having a couch in my office helps me take a break and not get so distracted! How often do you need breaks?


I was horrible at this and... I’m still working on it! Sometimes I get so caught up in the momentum that I push my lunchtime back and back and back! Then I’ll end up just snacking all day! I find this happens more when I haven’t prepped lunch ahead of time. The task of making lunch makes eating lunch more of a chore. I try to keep lunch items stocked in my fridge or freezer so I can make something nutritious quick and get back to work. Do you even remember to eat lunch? Is lunch prep apart of your day?


I feel like we’ve all figured this one with friends and family but I want to remind you that when you worked in an office you were organically growing relationships with co-workers without having to try! Now that there may be much more space between you, it’s important to still create space to be seen as approachable! If you aren’t ready to send “Chatty Cathy” an invite for a 1on1 Skype call, it could just be that you send an email to your team asking how everyone’s doing and reminding them you are still happy to help however you can. Are you fostering good working relationships with co-workers during quarantine and is it needed in your line of work?




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