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  • Tramelle D Jones

Use LinkedIn to Spy on Current Talent

Can I be honest with you? When I first heard about LinkedIn, I thought it wouldn't last. I considered it to be an adult version of Facebook.

I didn't see the value or understand why I would want to "connect" with people on their platform when I was already connected to them everywhere else!

I was 100% WRONG! LinkedIn has done a great job creating a space where you have so much more control in getting a seat at tables you may have never been invited to before.

At last count, there were 830 million members on LinkedIn per their company page. This means an individual can create a killer profile with a high probability of being seen by the right hiring manager or recruiter. Now that I understand the value LinkedIn can provide the job seeker, I've started using it to spy on companies... Here's how!

Once you’ve identified a company you plan to apply for, do your research! Part of that research should be checking out who they’ve already hired! As you know, you can go to a company's LinkedIn profile and view the employees who have identified themselves as working for that company.

To do this, go to the company's LinkedIn profile and click on the option for "People" on the horizontal menu just below the "Follow" button.

You’ll want to find someone who currently works in a position similar to the one you’ll be applying for.

This will give you the ability to see how you compare and contrast to their current talent! Use these indicators to decide your next move.

  • If this person has less experience, certifications, or management experience than you, it can be a clue to how competitive of a candidate you’ll be going into the application process.

  • If you find that this person is listing information you have but haven’t included in your resume, you’ll want to go back and update your profile with that information.

  • If you have less skill, qualifications, and accomplishments than this person, it means you’ll have room to learn and grow in this position. Be aware of this going in. If you have at least 60% of the qualifications, APPLY! Don't let challenging positions scare you off.

Having the ability to spy on the current talent can help you better understand what a company may be looking for. Although this information doesn’t tell us everything we need to know about the company it sure helps take a more strategic approach to how you market yourself to that company!


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