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Tip Tuesday - Extra Curricular Activities

When applying for a position or promotion everyone is going to submit a resume!

Imagine if you had a friend who followed you to all your past positions, what could you include to make sure your resume stood out? It would be volunteer & leadership experience along with affiliations with professional organizations. This is similar to what we called "extracurricular activities" when we were students.

These experiences say a lot about you. Volunteering shows that you care about a cause outside yourself. Leadership experience that is not assigned lets the hiring manager know that you want your team to succeed. Affiliations with professional organizations show your commitment to your industry. I've seen clients who land interview after interview but no offer and once they update their resume to include these experiences, get hired right away.

When you find a job you love, you most likely want to do everything you can to learn more or move up! Maybe you chair a committee to further a new initiative or you offer to use your event planning skills to assist with your organization's yearly Gala! Myself, I agreed with my organization's mission so I took the lead on relationship development and outreach. These are all great examples of "extracurricular activities" you should be listed on your resume.

But what about when you don't like the place you work? Maybe you and Janice from accounting just can't get along and she never cc's you on those emails like she's supposed to, making it hard to do your job! Or... You are tired of doing all the work for a team that never does anything, leaving you with the bulk of the responsibilities. This is when it's hard to offer to do anything other than what's listed in your job description.

In these instances, I would suggest you find something outside of the office that connects with who you are as a person. Maybe you volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and become a mentor, or if you coach little league baseball in your free time, or if you are active in the church these are also things you should list on your resume.

When you start to add all your experiences your resume becomes a well-rounded representation of you. It goes from boring to alive!

What experiences are you adding to your resume that gives it life? Let me know below in the comment box.


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