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  • Tramelle D Jones

The Anti-Racism Work I'm Doing...

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As Black women at work, we bear the weight of being all the things to everyone; Resource, Peace-Keeper, Listening-Ear, and Side-Kick to name a few... But when we try to move in spaces of power, the pushback is sometimes overwhelming.

In my coaching, I have heard from clients, over and over, that they rather not go into leadership roles because they don’t feel the organization would have their back. ⁠

In a recent conversation, a black woman told me that in a 1on1 with her Director, she was told she couldn’t lead the team. Even though she outranked, out-degreed, and outperformed the other 2 ppl in her department - Yes! We are only talking about leading 2 other ppl!

She was told, to her face that the other employees didn’t respect her. In my opinion, this Director should have backed her leadership and/or allowed her to lead and give out the consequences earned for being insubordinate! ⁠

I’ve had these conversations often. It isn’t something you'll see in my marketing or social media because it’s been a fact of life for way too long.⁠

So please excuse me if I don't flood my content with Happy Black History Month! It's time for us to start building Black futures!


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