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Question: Should I list things on my resume that show I’m a mother?

Short Answer: If a place doesn’t want to hire you because you’re a parent... Do you really want to work there?

Long Answer: I don’t steer my clients away from listing things on their resumes that identify them as a mother. We know some employers offer very little flexibility, especially when it comes to the needs of their employees... who also happens to be mothers but... I ask my clients, Do you want to work for an employer like that?” 

{If the answer is Yes, this might not be the post for you!!!}

No! You want to go where you will be valued!!! Not oppressed or shamed. Taking a position with those narrowing expectations will cause you to be stressed from day one!

I was a huge performer in a position that I held for 2 years before I had my daughter. Quite obviously, I did not show up the same way after having her but I found ways to perform and give the results they always expected from me. Some in different areas but it was always there... it just shifted. 

What worked for me was being vocal but showing that I still wanted to be a big part of the team. I got really specific about what tasks would be challenging and what other tasks I could take on to counter that shift. It worked out for me because the organization was flexible and open to those kinds of changes.

This is why you need to do your due diligence. Research companies and their culture.

You can do this in 3 ways:

✅ By talking to people who work there to get a full understanding of what it is that you’re about to walk into.

✅ By asking the right questions in the interview. 

✅ And if you become a parent after you’re hired, have an honest conversation about your capacity to show up and problem-solving any changes early on.

Being a parent can shift your performance, but you are still valuable as an employee and should market yourself as such on your resume!

Do you have questions about how to list the information that makes it obvious you’re a parent? Let’s Talk!


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