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  • Tramelle D Jones

Mommy + Entrepreneur

Is It Possible to Be Successful at Both?

This is my daughter, Jazmin!

She accompanied me to a breakfast meeting so I told her, "You are a businesswoman today!" She was so excited!

I used to work for a local female politician. She had a young daughter who she often brought to events. I was young, childless and still trying to find my footing in the world. I specifically remember waiting for her to arrive at a panel discussion she was participating in and when she did she brought her daughter. I automatically thought this meant I would be in charge of watching the boss's daughter. I was shocked when instead she took her daughter to sit next to her on the panel. She even spoke that night about her reasoning for bringing her daughter; To show her that mommy is working hard to make a difference for her and the community. That hit me hard.

I know that as an entrepreneur and mommy that I struggle with making sure that I put in enough time for all the things and make sure I'm growing my business. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way because I see blog posts, articles, and books about this topic everywhere!

I believe the answer is not about worrying if I can do it all but rather being creative in how we do it. My daughter surprises me every day with her capacity to learn and adapt. Coming with me to a meeting was just as exciting for her as the time we spend going on our adventures. We were able to bond and she left with a better understanding of what it is I do. Instead of compartmentalizing everything, it just reinforces my belief that everything is interconnected.

My approach to making sure everything gets done isn't to find perfection, it's to find the joy in it all. Now that she's 5, she thinks it's fun to do all the housework, so now we do it together! We have folding competitions! We run errands together! We make grocery lists and cook together! Instead of seeing these tasks as isolating, I'm finding the joy in creating closeness with her as we do things together.

This means when my daughter and I spend time exploring and doing those things outside our home like going to the movies, parks, and museums can be filled with joy as well!

How are you balancing being an entrepreneur and a mommy?

Comment below!

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