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  • Tramelle D Jones

I’m throwing away all my clipboards!

Yesterday I had an amazing revelation about myself and my need to be so structured and rigid. I refer to that part of my personality as “The Clipboard Person”. The part of me that is all Left Brain!!!

I’m sure we all know a clipboard person. It’s the person who keeps tabs on everything, making sure we all follow the rules and making a big fuss when things don’t go according to the guidelines.

Looking back, I can’t even count the opportunities I’ve missed because I’ve not been willing to be flexible or move away from the structure I created. Saying I’m busy when I (being my own boss) can easily just adjust my schedule.

I also tend to put unrealistic expectations on ppl (without them even knowing) and find myself disappointed when they don’t live up to them. It means I’m often frustrated for no reason.

The answer is to assess my expectations and discuss my necessary needs in a way that’s plain for all involved and be open to hearing “No!” to my requests. I feel ill be able to make some positive movement not only in life, business but in all my relationships.

I’m opening myself up to utilizing my Right Brain much more often to find balance in my life. I’m not going to throw out ALL my clipboards. Sometimes that side of me is needed. But, right now my Left Brain deserves a vacation.

What’s your revelation from this week?

Do you have high expectations for your job search and career plan?



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