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How to LOVE Your Job (No Matter What Your Job Is)!

This #TipTuesday is all about loving your job! And this is going to sound crazy but… sometimes… it may have nothing to do with your job!

We all have that one friend who constantly complains about how bad their job is. Ok, sometimes the complaints are justified. But often, they aren’t making any changes to better their situation. They might feel hopeless and powerless… If you know don’t know someone like this… look at your current situation. Is it you?

1 - Find a job you're actually interested in! People who've taken this advice seem to be happier when at work. When was the last time you met a sad clown, balloon artist, or ice cream vendor? These are all jobs that I imagine you have to really love to keep doing. I know someone who does all 3 and each love what they do so much that they've made room for it in their life. When you love what you do it becomes less of a job. (I know, you've prob heard that before)

2 - Bad bosses are the number 1 reason people feel powerless, don’t make changes and leave jobs. They may think they have to confront the boss and "Set them straight!" but that isn't always the best course of action. Take a few days to just observe. Many bad bosses are usually “bad” because they either don’t know how to do their job or they micro-manage. By watching and deciphering your bosses reasoning, you can step in and be the problem solver they need. Help the ill-equipped boss do his job better and learn the mirco-managers methods and you just might become their go-to person!

3 - Low pay is another reason we get frustrated with our jobs. I know what it feels like to work hard all week and get a check that mocks your bills. First, look for opportunities for promotions. Is there a higher paying position available? Are your outputs warranting a raise? And if you can't find it within the company, look elsewhere. Get a killer resume and start asking friends/family if they know of any jobs you can apply for.

4 - Sometimes we get so caught up in what we can't afford that we forget what we can afford. If you spend more than half your day at a job you hate, it can easily affect you. Why not go out and live your best life! It doesn't have to be expensive. Go out and see the world. Explore interests you've always had by listening to podcasts, reading about them online or even enjoying your city and all the free and low-cost events going on weekly! You'll find that when you start to enjoy life it takes much more to break that positive outlook on life and "hating" your job becomes harder and harder.

BONUS - Remember that you are not your job. For those of us who enjoy our jobs, we have found that it is just one of many ways we enjoy life! If we only live to work, where's the fun in that? If you can’t love your job as it… look and see if there are components you can love? Is there a certain report that you do so well and will give you the skills to get to the job you really want? Then let that be your motivation. Your current job is fulfilling a purpose, even if that purpose is to pay your bills. But it can also give you the stepping stones to move up or out of your current position.

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