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How to get the Most Out of a Career Coach

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

If you’ve never worked with a career coach it’s important to make the right choice in choosing one. Here’s 3 tips focused on How to Get the Most out of a Career Coach.

  1. FIND A COACH YOU CONNECT WITH. It’s important that you mesh well with your coach. You want to make sure you feel comfortable sharing your professional experiences with your coach and that your coach is able to offer input in a non-judgmental place.

  2. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS. It’s ok to ask your coach about their background and their philosophy on coaching. If you are looking to excel in a certain career you should ask how comfortable your coach feels with that industry and if they have any experience to pull from.

  3. REQUEST A PLAN TO FOLLOW. Make the most of your time with a coach by requesting a plan. Set goals and points you want to tackle to be productive with your time.

There are plenty of coaches so find the best one for you! Haven’t found one yet? Schedule a Free 1-Hour Career Strategy Session at Let's see if we mesh and discuss the strategy right for your career success.

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