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A Step By Step Guide to Creating a Targeted Resume


You've completed your resume! Your branding is on point, your work history is written in accomplishment statements, and you've showcased your past successes! (If you haven't... don't rush past this step! Stop now and sign up for a FREE RESUME REVIEW to get a Killer Resume before you start applying anywhere).

Minimal Changes with Maximum Impact

It's important to create a targeted resume for each position you apply for. You can successfully create this targeted resume with just a few changes and get the maximum impact! Every hiring manager that reads your submitted resume should feel like you're uniquely qualified for the position they are looking to fill. You'll do this by prioritizing the information the company is looking for, not by creating a brand new resume from scratch!

In past years, resumes were simple lists of your past daily tasks. They were generalized so you could print hundreds of the same resume and make them rain from the rooftops! In today's job market, generalizing your past experience will get you nowhere. Specifying how closely your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments align with the role increases your marketability.

Focus on your brand

Your branding section should be the first thing the readers see at the top of your resume. This includes your Resume Title, Professional Summary, and Strengths. This is the only section you should make changes to.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a targeted resume.

1. Update Your Title

We know that job titles vary from company to company. If your current employer has given you a job title that is comparable to the position you're applying for but isn't identical, it's important that you title your resume to coordinate with the position you are applying for without overshooting. For example, if your current job title is "Marketing Manager" but you're applying for "Sales and Marketing Manager," change your title to match, if your current position is equivalent. Never embellish as it will come back to bite you in the butt... One way or another!

2. Update Your Professional Summary

Your summary should be a power-packed statement that boasts about who you are, your top skills, and what you're known for! The top skills you list should be dependent on the job you're applying for. You'll want to look at the skills and qualifications the job description lists and choose your top skills from what's listed. Remember not to list skills you aren't excited about. Chances are, you'll be hired to do that thing and it won't be a positive3 experience for you.

3. Updates Your Strengths Section

Companies go to great lengths to write a job description. Teams of people sit in rooms contemplating the right words to express what this person will do and what skills, qualifications, and experience the right person should have to do this job well. Don't devalue that by disregarding the language they use. Instead, use their hard work to your advantage. Mimic the language you see in the job description to describe your "Strengths" - skills, qualifications, and expertise.

4. BONUS: Organize Your Job Search

Targeting your resume means you'll have multiple files to store. This might seem overwhelming but here are a few tips to help organize your job search.

Save Each Resume with Your Name, Title, Month, and Year.


Filename: Tramelle Jones - Career Coach Resume - 01 2021

This is important because you'll want to have the resume you applied with on hand during an interview. It's hard to know which one you used if you haven't organized those files.

Use a Job Search Tracker

Use a Spreadsheet that tracks what positions you apply to with what resume, the website, and any additional info. There is no reason to commit this all to memory. This will help you organize your efforts, track your progress with each application, and gauge how much time to spend in future applications.

Now that you're ready to create a targeted resume for every application this enables you to apply often with less stress and a higher possibility that you'll find the perfect position for you!

By making minimal changes to your branding section alone you'll maximize the impact your resume makes and increase your marketability. You'll also reduce your application prep time and take the stress out of applying.


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