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How to Create a Job Search Team (And Get Your Dream Job Faster!)

Updated: May 26

According to LinkedIn, The #1 way people discover a new job is through a referral. So here's how you can increase the chances of finding your dream job by way of referral.

Identify your dream job.

Be specific. Don't just say, "I'd love to work as a teacher." Get really detailed about what kind of teacher you'd like to be. Maybe you're looking to teach elementary school within a certain school district. Once you've identified your dream job, it's easier to create actionable steps to get you there and know when you've attained your goal.

If you're looking for a "right now" job, be clear about what needs this job will fulfill for you. How far away should it be, how much should it pay, what hours should they offer and how this position will get you closer to your dream job.

Identify 10-20 people within your network.

The problem most of my clients have is, "I don’t know 20 people!!!" My answer is always... Yes, you do! If you're only thinking of people you can pick up the phone and invite to the movies ... then you're probably right. Instead, you'll want to consider family and friends who have professional positions.

Also, consider:

  • Past work colleagues, you trust,

  • Past supervisors,

  • Those who serve on professional organizations with you

  • Non-profit professionals, you’ve volunteered with or for

  • LinkedIn connections who you’ve connected with, and

  • Professionals from your church

This is a great way to create a Job Search Team that could alert you to a new position.

Here's how this helps...

If you were to just tell someone oh... I’m looking for work. They would give you the thumbs up and say good luck! But, when you get a bit more specific and provide some insight into what you’re looking for, people have your request in mind when they hear about a position you're interested in. Don’t think of it as asking for a favor and don’t expect that you’ll get 100% participation from everyone on your list. You are just planting a seed.

Send a well-crafted email.

You'll want to explain the position you're looking for. This email should be short sweet but thoughtful.

Here’s a template:


I hope all is well. I’m currently looking for a new position as an x, x, or x (List at max 3 job titles that align with your dream job). If you hear of any positions like this, would you let me know?

I’ve attached my resume as well! Let me know if you see anything you think I should change.

Thanks in advance

Now with your resume in hand and your request on their mind, your friends and family become part of your job search team.

I’d be interested to hear from those of you who try this. Did it work for you? Share your comments and let me know if you found your dream job.



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