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How I Left the Job I Hated!!!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Despite what you believe, YOU have the power to shape any situation into a growth opportunity!

I know that dealing with a bad boss or being fired or even getting bullied by a co-worker can and does stop ppl from moving forward all the time! It happened to me!

I let a bad boss erode my confidence and keep me from growing in a position that could have been an incredible opportunity. I was an emotional wreck! But I didn’t stay in that position! But I didn’t make a quick move either! Not even when I was asked to apply for a position that was way out of my scope of expertise. I knew it wasn’t the right fit so I turned the opportunity down. I’m so glad I didn’t turn to that position just to get away from my situation!

Instead, I was strategic about how I went about looking for my next job.

If you find your self in a similar situation, or you're just looking to be intentional about finding your next position, use my job search process:

5 Steps To An Intentional Job Search

  1. Identify what you do well before you search for a job. Focus on tasks you enjoy and have proven experience in! We'll call these tasks your STRENGTHS!

  2. Create a resume that highlights your STRENGTHS. Focus on providing information that is relevant by giving context and listing accomplishments for each position on your resume.

  3. Use your STRENGTHS as criteria to conduct your job search online. Consider organizations you never thought about before.

  4. Apply to positions you are at least 60% qualified for! Don’t let terms like “preferred” keep you from applying.

  5. Talk to friends and colleagues about your STRENGTHS. Send a well-crafted email that includes your resume and asks for feedback. Let them know you'd be happy to hear about any positions they come across.

In the end, it was one of those colleagues who referred me to what would be my dream job! I stayed there for nearly 5 years and ultimately it’s where I was my most creative, where I learned the most and where I honed the skills I use now!

I never would have been ready when the opportunity arose if I hadn't done these 5 things!

If you don’t know by now, I want everyone to experience having their dream job!

If you aren’t currently experiencing that, schedule a Free 1 Hour Career Strategy Session and we can identify what steps you should take to get you there!

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