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Don't Be a Bad Online Date

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Almost everyone has either been through this or heard about it... a bad online date.

You meet them on a dating app and they have all the best pics, their profile is interesting and they send you a message and draw you in with great conversation. So... You agree to go out on a date!

BOOM! When you arrive, you realize those

profile pics were either outdated or just not them, they look at their phone the entire date and think you should worship the ground they walk on!

When you "fluff" your resume, you are being a bad online date!


Your resume is like an online dating profile and your interview is like those first few interactions! It's not until they hire you that they realize who you really are! If you've ever been on the wrong end of that dating scenario you know how disappointing it feels when someone doesn't live up to the expectation they set.


When it comes to your resume be sure you don't over promise or "fluff" your skill set. Be yourself and focus on the things you are truly passionate about or really enjoy doing.

I once interviewed someone who presented a polished resume, knew the industry but laughed and told jokes in their interview. They were still professional but gave me a realistic expectation of what to expect. We hired them and when they joined our team, they were the life of our office! They had an infectious energy that made everyone in the office feel great about coming to work. When moral was down this person went out of their way to create avenues to keep everyone motivated and engaged. That was most certainly my Ideal Candidate or "Dream Date"!

I'm not asking you act like my ideal candidate. If you are a quiet introvert who LOVES data and spreadsheets, showcase that for your future employer! You'll more likely be given the freedom to be who you are.

Remember, YOU are enough! There is no one else like you. No one else has the combination of skills and qualifications that you do. There is a position that works for you and an employer who has the foresight to see you in it!

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