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  • Tramelle D Jones

Do you take initiative? At work?

Taking initiative and being a problem solver are two top characteristics that hiring managers look for but... they are so hard to prove! That’s why it’s so important that you mention things you’ve done in your current and past positions that tell future employers how you stepped up without being told and what problem you tackled!

This isn’t easy if you hate your job. You might see problems at the job as someone else’s. That’s an easy pit to fall into... but remember... Unless you plan to keep the same job for the rest of your life (which is becoming increasingly unlikely) you should be working to increase your skill and take on more opportunities

so you never make another lateral move again.

Need help getting out of the I-Hate-My-Job Headspace?


This coaching consultation will give you a sense of what 1on1 career coaching feels like and how it can help you! We’ll discuss what’s been holding you back and how to create the success you deserve!⁠

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