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When we're ready to manifest our future, it's helpful to create positive self-talk to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. I know some may see affirmations as empty statements with little ability to change but the same way you go to the gym consistently to get results in your physical, you'll also need to say and repeat a positive affirmation to truly believe and change your mindset.

Say this and repeat often:

My Job is Secure.

During uncertain economic times, I have peace that surpasses understanding. While companies are downsizing and releasing employees, I am fully confident that my job is secure.

I take a stand against uncertainty by clinging to my determination. I am determined to be the best at what I do. My outstanding performance secures me the favor of my superiors. Those responsible for making decisions about my future appreciate the passion I bring to my work.

Worrying about things beyond my control is a distraction to my job performance. I shut down the voice of fear that tries to make me question my stability. Instead, I listen to the voice of truth that constantly reminds me that my life has a greater purpose.

There is peace in my mind about the future. I have relinquished control of the things that are out of my hands. What I do concern myself with are those things that I can affect, such as my job performance.

I work harder each day than the day before to prove that I am a valuable part of the team. I increase my knowledge by reading or taking courses related to my field because I am serious about my job.

My job is secure because I have earned the trust of my colleagues. As a valued team member, I can stick around for many years to come.

Today, I saturate my mind with positive thoughts about the future. I lean on the hand of my Creator to take care of my every need. I have the ability to provide for my family and I am free from any fear.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Take some time to explore a bit more about yourself. This can help further distract yourself from the negative self-talk.

1. What sets me apart from others?

2. How can I shut out negativity from my mind?

3. How can I work harder tomorrow than I did today?


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