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3 Ways to Combat Boredom at Work

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Are you just plain bored at work? I get it... Especially if you have a position that requires you to complete the same few tasks over and over.

Right after High School, I worked for a telemarketing company and it was pretty boring work. I was hung up on the majority of the time or told to call back... People weren't excited to talk to me. So... I made it exciting. I'm a little ashamed to say... but I started using some very exaggerated accents to make my calls. A "Southern Bell" and a less than enthused "Valley Girl" are the only two accents I'm willing to tell you about today! But it worked! I increased my sales and made a boring job much more exciting. That's how I created a workaround with the limited experience and professionalism I had at the time. So let's be clear... I don't suggest that tactic to my clients. Instead, I suggest they use these 3 points and build from there.

1. Master Your Current Job - Boredom at work can stem from doing just enough to get by and finding that you aren't challenged at work. If you aren't excited about the tasks you've been given, you have 2 choices... Find a job that gets you fired up or, dig deeper, challenge yourself and elevate the value of your work. You'll be passed over for special projects, professional development opportunities and most likely be left out of the loop when your work is just enough. Ask for additional training from a co-worker, get a better understanding of software or simply do a better job. You'll be too busy to be bored!

2. Study the Competition - Every company has a "Them" or "They" no matter the industry. Sometimes, it's a much smaller organization that wants your market and they're looking to make a play for your customer base. The best way to know is to study the competition. Check their social media and websites. Keep an eye on their stock. Review the news for any movements your competition might be making. By gathering this information you'll increase your value you bring to your team as well.

3. Solve a Problem - Once you've mastered your current position and studied your competition, you'll naturally see holes in your own organization. Alerting upper management to these issues just puts you on their short list for layoffs. Instead, consider how you would solve a problem and work out a detailed plan to do so. Schedule some time to discuss your completed plan with your immediate supervisor and ask that the team get credit for suggesting the change. Your idea may be rejected but your status as Problem Solver will remain. Your supervisor may think of you as their go-to the next time they see a problem.

Getting more involved at work can be exciting if you truly enjoy the work you do. If this isn't the case for you, it may be time to consider a pivot. I'd be happy to discuss what other industries you feel more passionate about. Schedule a Free 1-Hour Career Strategy Session by clicking here: and we'll discuss the steps you can take to find the success you deserve.

What other tips do you have for keeping boredom at bay?

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