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3 Things You Can Do Today That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Resumes aren't just a piece of paper! This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from all the other candidates, sell your self and connect with the reader. If you're using a format that looks and reads like everyone else's you lower the likelihood of landing your next job.

Here are 3 things you can change TODAY before you send your resume to your next future employer!

1. Create a Custom Header! Your resume should have a custom heading that visually makes you stand out above everyone else. You should use color, fonts, and even graphics. It should include your name, number, professional email, and customized LinkedIn URL. It would be nice if it also included your title and professional summary. Take a look at a few Sample Resumes here to see what I'm talking about.

2. Sell Yourself Above the Fold! Traditionally, we've been told to list our Education, Skills, and Activities last. This means you are gambling on the reader making it to the end of your resume. The unfortunate truth is, they may never get that far! We know they are looking for your work history. That's a given, but you want to sell yourself and "Woo" them before they get that far. By listing Skills/Qualifications, Education and Activities first you are providing the reader with all the supporting information they need to identify you as the right candidate. Then what they came for, your Work History.

3. Keep it Simple but Don't Dumb it Down! I've noticed a lot of my clients have listed their tasks for each position is extremely simplistic terms. It's important to keep it simple but you don't want to go toooooooo far with this. Remember, the way you describe your tasks is going to reflect your expertise. Consider the hiring manager in your field and the level at which you are wanting to be hired. You'll want to connect to that hiring manager and speak at that level.

Here is a great example! If you are in the culinary field you may describe the task of "cleaning up after yourself" in different ways:

Cook, Jimmy Johns $8 - $10 an hour -Kept the store clean

Line Cook, Briggs Ranch Golf Club $11 - $12 an hour -Ensured that the food prep area and kitchen are cleaned and sanitized at the end of each shift

Chef Manager, Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurants $48,000 - $56,000 -Maintain cleanliness and organization of the department

These are all things you could change today! With these changes you would increase the visibility of your resume and increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams!

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