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3 Things To Do On Your WORK-iversary

If your office newsletter doesn't recognize you on your WORK-iversary, YOU STILL SHOULD! And here are 3 things you should do at least once a year!

1. Review Your Wins!

This is a huge indicator of success! Recounting your wins from the last year can be the boost you need to go for that promotion or a wake-up call that you may need to re-evaluate where your career is going.

I have always told clients to keep a folder in their desks marked "WINS." This is where you file training certifications, copies of initiatives you put in place, kudos from your boss, recognition from your office; Anything that shows how hard you've been working. It also keeps you from having to remember, which can be difficult the longer you stay in a position.

2. Plot a Course

Once you've reviewed your accomplishments (or lack thereof) you'll be able to make a decision about what's next for you. For some, it means looking at which skills to grow or working towards a certification that will get them to the next pay grade. Looking back can give a clear indication of just how much more you can grow and gives you the legitimacy to connect with your managers about any additional opportunities.

For others, it's proof that they need to move out of this position, make a career shift or go back to school. These aren't moves that are easy or quick to make so taking time to plan an exit strategy that keeps you on top is important. And sometimes allowing yourself to mentally say, "I won't be here much longer" can improve your attitude and make way for you to feel better about the role your job plays in your plan.

3. Update Your Resume

No matter what you decide, stay or go, you should update your resume. You'll want to add any new skills, projects, and keep up with supervisors contact info. Remember that even internal promotions need an updated resume to apply.

Do you have any other tips for your WORK-iversary? Comment below!

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