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  • Tramelle D Jones

3 Quick Tips for Dating in The Workplace

Happy Valentine’s Day. This is the best day to talk about workplace romances.

I think we’ve all witnessed office flings that go well or messy breakups that stress us all out. You just never know when cupid’s arrow will strike!

If you are single, if you're dating, or if you are on the cusp of a breakup... I have these quick tips for you!

1. Check the Fraternization Policy

Not many realize that most workplaces have a policy specifically outlining who can date who and when.

Often this is to make sure that no one is dating their boss and being given a promotion or other perks due to the romantic relationship. There also may be a clause that requires employees to disclose if they are dating someone within the company.

Regardless of whether you are currently dating or have a crush on someone in tech support, you should familiarize yourself with this policy. In some instances, not following these rules can be the reason for dismissal

2. Calculate the Risk

Working with a partner has its pros and cons. It means when you gripe about Susan in Accounting your partner knows exactly how much of a stickler she is for proper grammar and will understand why your emails keep being sent back with corrections. It can also mean that you see each other allllll the time. Making it work is all about understanding workplace expectations.

I’m not here to tell people not to date at work, but I am here to caution you to think this through! Calculate the risk by considering both the good and bad that could happen.

3. Ask yourself, Should You Get Your Honey Where You Get Your Money?

I hope this never happens to you but... If things go wrong and you still have to work with your ex... It's important that you two are capable of being respectful and leaving your differences at home.

There are lots of power couples who’ve made work relationships successful by setting strong boundaries and creating balance in their lives. If you see your partner at work then at home, you might need to purposely cultivate hobbies away from your significant other, or just prioritize your alone time in order to stay centered.

Are you currently fanning the flames of a workplace romance? How do you make it work? I want to hear all about it! Leave a comment below or share this post with a friend so we can hear from them too!


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