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3 Pieces of Advice for New Grads

I'd like to congratulate all the new graduates!

If you haven't already found a position, you'll most likely be in the market for a new job! Here's 3 things you can do to boost your marketability in a competitive career field!

1.) Reboot your online image!

Now that your ready to enter the workforce, you'll need to clean up your social media presence! Your professional reputation goes beyond what you do in the workplace and that is why more and more employers are checking online profiles before they hire.

2.) Attend networking events and meetings held by your local career affiliated organization.

Networking events can be fun but don't miss an opportunity to tell people that you are looking to start working in that field ASAP!!!. A quick Google search can connect you to many organizations in your area. If there aren't any close by, connect with them online or via social media. But, be sure to post about your career goal!

3.) Market yourself in more ways than one!

Be as prepared as possible!

  • Create networking cards.

  • Utilize an online resume.

  • Email your resume and career focus to friends/family. Then ask them to let you know if they see any available positions.

  • And of course, use LinkedIn and other social media sites to mention your job search.

Bonus: Work while you wait!

People who are currently employed are more likely to get hired than those who are unemployed. So don't be so quick to turn down a position because it doesn't pay your expected pay rate; you can always continue looking for other work!

Don't forget to ask for help! Tap into the experience and know-how of others so you don't have to repeat their mistakes! TDJ Consulting can help you with all your career needs! Tell us what you're looking for in an email at

Already found a job? What was the best advice you were given about finding post graduation positions?

I wish you the best in your job search!


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