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3 LinkedIn Tips for Beginners

If you think LinkedIn is just another Social Media Platform for keeping up with friends and family... It's not! Here are some quick tips if you are looking to make use of their legitimate professional network

Start by following the prompts to create your profile. Add a killer photo (selfies work as well) of just you in your work attire, then add a background photo that gives people some insight into what you do and who you are. Use the "Headline" to express your title(s) and what you are known for. Take some time to brainstorm or check out your colleagues headlines for inspiration because this will be the 1st thing seen, after your name.

Once you've completed your profile, here are a few ways you can continue to utilize LinkedIn daily, weekly, monthly.

1. Make your profile a magazine instead of a newspaper! Instead of just text, include pictures of what you are doing on your profile! Add pictures from events, flyers of projects you are working on and even pictures of you in action! By adding visuals, you add interest and increase the rate that someone will review your profile!

2. Post or Re-Post often! When you are active on LinkedIn other professionals get a glimpse of the kind of professional you are! You'll start to get likes, then emails from others wanting to partner!


3. Follow!

You can follow organizations and some influential people (Like Oprah Winfrey - I follow her for obvious reasons!). Find orgs or companies you are interested in and click the "Follow" button. Their posts will show up in your feed make your life so much more interesting!


LinkedIn has developed a "Jobs" section that seems to personalize postings specific to the experience you've listed on your profile. They get two thumbs up from me!

TDJ Consulting can help with LinkedIn profile building. Call or Text 210-802-8352 or email for more information.

Your Tips!

What LinkedIn Tips would you like to share? Post to the comments section below and share this post to see what other tips your friends would like to share.

I wish you the best in your job search!


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