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10 Ways Great Leaders Motivate Others

I’ve had a lot of bosses! Good ones, bad ones, and all sorts in between but my BEST BOSS motivated me to take on the world.

She saw my strengths and allowed me to operate in my zone of genius! She knew that by giving me room to do the things I loved, I’d go on to do high-quality work.

As a byproduct, the organization reaped the benefits of my successes. She also made sure I and the rest of our team got credit for my work. It created a culture of trust, support, and creativity. That team is still the best team I’ve ever worked with and she’s a big part of the reason why!

Great leaders know how to motivate others. Since the amount we can accomplish on our own is limited, it’s necessary to have the assistance of others. Someone that can motivate others to do their best has an incredibly valuable talent. When we can inspire others, we can accomplish much more.

Here are a few ways I’ve seen great leaders motivate others. If you’re looking to motivate your team… Try these:

1- Be emotionally supportive.

To help others shine, removing the fear of failing or looking foolish is critical. Most people are frozen by fear and prefer to remain comfortable. When fear is greater than motivation, nothing happens. Removing fear can be just as effective as instilling additional motivation.

2- Provide additional support.

Ask what resources are required. Does your employee require additional help or funds to get a project off the ground? Perhaps your child needs a tutor or assistance with creating a resume. Determine what resources are required for success and provide them.

3- Follow up regularly.

Show that you care by monitoring their progress. It’s enough to ask and then listen. Asking questions will also help to keep them on track. You can also create a check-in schedule that your team feels comfortable with to provide amble support.

4- Be publically supportive.

It’s one thing to support an employee in the privacy of your office. It’s quite another to be supportive in front of her co-workers. An appreciated employee is more prone to stay with a company longer. (Glassdoor)

5- Acknowledge and reward.

Acknowledge progress and effort regularly. Everyone needs a little boost now and then. Ideally, give acknowledgment publically. Conversely, your disgruntlement and any discipline should be handled privately. It’s as simple as handling praise and reprimands most effectively.

6- Ask for ideas.

You might hear a few ideas that are better than your own. It’s easier for others to get excited about their own ideas than to get excited about yours. Using ideas from your team will create a sense of purpose and involvement.

7- Be clear.

Vagueness breeds confusion and confusion saps enthusiasm. When the objective and the necessary steps are clear, motivation is easier to generate. Ensure that everyone is clear on their roles.

8- Set a good example.

If it’s important to you, it will be important to your employees, spouse, or children. Don’t just tell them it’s important, but show them your behavior. Make the objective a priority in your own life.

9- Create a vision.

Paint a picture of the end results in the minds of those involved. The work is rarely enjoyable, but it’s the end result that matters. Keep reminding everyone of how great things will be when it’s over. The work is the path to reach that endpoint.

10- Deal swiftly with dissenters.

It only takes one dissenting, charismatic employee to bring the whole thing crashing down. There’s often one complainer that tries to undermine the enthusiasm of everyone else. Don’t underestimate the damage this one person can do. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with them or move them out of the group.

  • Motivation isn’t just about adding positive motivation. It’s also about removing obstacles. Dissenters are obstacles.

  • Encourage the sharing of opinions. However, once a decision has been made, expect cooperation.

Encourage others to do their best work or to follow their dreams. Motivating others is a skill that anyone can develop. You can only be as successful as your team. Avoid the belief that you can do it all alone. You can’t.

Great leaders are tasked with the responsibility of inspiring others to be overachievers. It’s a challenging task, but if you’re good at motivating others, you’ll always be one of the most important people around.


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