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Long-Term Career Plan

LONG-TERM CAREER PLAN - 90min Custom Coaching Session -
I'll teach you to:
1. Identify your successes, passions & regrets,
2. consider what experiences you’d still like to have,
3. and understand how to talk to others about it all!

When we're done, you'll walk away with a 3-5 year career plan that minimizes current stressors, maximizes forward movement, and focuses on your specific industry.



LinkedIn Profile Review and Update

LinkedIn Profile Review and Update - 90min Custom Coaching Session -
I'll teach you to:
1. change your search criteria to find unexpected positions,
2. find positions in the hidden job market, and
3. give you pre-written scripts to reach out to your network to turn them into your job search team!

When we're done, you'll know how to pack your pipeline with leads!


Mock Interviewing

Mock Interviewing - 90min Custom Coaching Session -
I'll teach you:
1. how to be more strategic in the interview process by helping you craft an answer to, "Tell me about yourself?",
2. we'll role play answering the top interview questions in your industry and,
3. I'll give you questions YOU should ask during the interview to be sure that you get what you need from your future employer.

When we're done, you'll be more confident interviewing and get your next job offer on your own terms.



We’ll talk 1on1, you'll get professional insight, and discuss the specific changes needed to create a RESUME + STRATEGY that gets you to your goal! 

Coaching Process (3).png

1. Schedule a Free Career Strategy + Resume Review Call
We'll discuss your current career and how to create the success you deserve! 

2. Pick a Package
Pick, Pay, and Sign your Service Contract. We offer packages for every circumstance.

3. Schedule Your Coaching Session
With many options to meet, during the weekend, day, or after work, you'll find a time that works for you!

4. Move Toward Your Goal
Armed with a new plan, you're ready to move toward your career goals to find, keep, or grow your career!

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